Workplace skills bring confidence – and with confidence comes success.


WILSS Partners with Blue Mercury Leadership

WILSS partners with Blue Mercury Leadership in the delivery of New Zealand Certificates’ in Business - First Line Management Levels 3 and 4.

These courses are designed to help individual, team and organisational clients make the transition from ‘managing things’ to ‘leading people’, from mediocre results to exceptional performance.

Core objectives

  • help develop that positive ‘can do’ attitude that unleashes the wealth of untapped potential and channels it into personal andbusiness success
  • help create a sense of purpose – of focus and direction – and the practical skills to turn future vision into reality
  • help establish a decent work/life balance, exceptional resilience and wellbeing for success at work

Using an Action Learning Model for Success

‘Action learning’ sits at the heart of these innovative programmes.

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For me the Action Learning approach was exactly the right way to go. I felt supported and motivated to set new, more challenging goals..."

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