Coaches are the unsung heroes of the sporting world – the ‘behind the scenes’ administrators who book the schedules, hire the buses, order the uniforms, raise the money and generally keep everyone on track.


New Zealand Certificate in Sport and Recreation (Community Development) (Level 5)

This qualification has been retired and is no longer available at WILSS.

This qualification will provide the sport and recreation sector with individuals who can provide a range of support and community development services. Graduates will demonstrate that they can operate independently, under broad guidance, supporting community development at locally, regionally and national levels.

What & when

New Zealand Certificate in Sport and Recreation (Community Development) (Level 5)

  • Commences: 
  • Duration: Part time ‘Night School’ style delivery over 12 months

Programme of study

The course runs from February to February the following year. 

Participants must attend two 2.5-hour night sessions each month, spread over 12 months.

Core components

After completing the programme graduates will be able to: 

  • select and apply a community development model towards a development project in your organisation
  • understand the structure, purpose and function of sport or recreation organisations locally, regionally and nationally
  • access and apply knowledge of a community’s demographic profile to support sport, and recreation needs and aspirations
  • liaise, engage and communicate with people in sport, and recreation  networks
  • provide advice and advocate within sport and recreation 
  • facilitate and coordinate meetings, events, projects and/or activities
  • apply relevant business writing skills 

Entry criteria

To be eligible to attend this course, students must be currently in an administrative role (paid or voluntary) within the sport and recreation industry.


Future pathways for graduates

The New Zealand Certificate in Sport and Recreation (Community Development) (Level 5)  can lead to:

  • further study including bridging programmes at other tertiary Institutions
  • other New Zealand certificates and diplomas within the NZQA Framework
  • a Diploma of Sport and Leisure Studies, then a Bachelor of Sport and Leisure Studies
  • leadership roles within sport administration and management environments

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