Behind every sports team is an army of workers – usually volunteers – who take on the role of referee, administrator and coach.


Club Development

This series of workshops is specifically for administrators, leaders, officials and coordinators of sporting, cultural or social clubs.

It will help develop a better understanding of the responsibilities and roles of volunteers in voluntary and community organisations.

Sessions can include:

  • Funding and sponsorship – practical knowledge to gain and maintain funding and sponsorship for your club.
  • Volunteering – how to recruit and retain your volunteers, support them, and prevent burnout.
  • Club planning – governance versus day-to-day operations plus planning for projects and working with others.
  • Club support – understand the roles of each volunteer in the organization eg., secretary, treasurer, chairperson.
  • Leadership and delegation – look at your own style of leadership, and identify what leadership tasks to delegate and how to do it
  • Personal effectiveness – communicate, run meetings, write reports and handle administration more productively
  • Smart marketing – develop a marketing plan for your organization
  • Motivation and team building – get the best out of your team and work effectively alongside them

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This course gave our club some really good pointers around sponsorship and that alone was well worthwhile."

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