By providing leadership training to your students, you are helping develop tomorrow's leaders.


Team Captains - Junior Sport Leadership

Junior Sport Leadership

Sport leadership programmes provide students with opportunities to upskill in leadership techniques and gain an understanding of the specific roles and expectations of being leaders in sport.

The Team Captain programmes enable students to upskill their leadership techniques and better understand the specific roles and expectations of being leaders in sport.

The 'Junior' Team Captains programme is designed for Years 9 and 10 students

Core components

Junior Leaders - 1.5 hour session

This fun, interactive session helps develop basic skills in leading others, staying positive and motivated while ensuring a cohesive team performance.

Programme modules can be custom-designed and aligned with curriculum delivery at individual schools. Modules are interactive and simulate situations to help students develop and apply key competencies from the New Zealand school curriculum.

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I have learnt a whole lot of new skills and it has helped increase my confidence too. It gave me some insight into my learning styles and taught me how to improve the..."

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