By providing leadership training to your students, you are helping develop tomorrow's leaders.


Hands Up 2 Step Up

Hands Up 2 Step Up is aimed at primary school students to develop leadership pathways at an early age.

Designed for Years 5 and 6

Core components

  • Leading themselves and working with groups in a positive way
  • Learn and demonstrate appropriate decision-making skills
  • Step up to help others

The right skills can make all the difference when a child first takes on a leadership role within their school and/or community.

We help head students and young leaders become more confident and effective by developing skills that will enable them to make the biggest contribution to their communities.

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Paula Dewar - School Programmes Manager

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I have been delighted with the way the WILSS leadership programmes connected with our students. The sessions are interactive, balanced and well paced. They provide real opportunities for..."

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