By providing leadership training to your students, you are helping develop tomorrow's leaders.


KiwiSport Leadership Development Programme

WILSS and KiwiSport have teamed up to provide opportunities for secondary school students as future leaders in their communities.

Designed for Years 9 through to 13

The KiwiSport Leadership Programme aims to develop students with the skills and confidence to demonstrate leadership/volunteerism within a KiwiSport context, their school environment and the wider community.

Students will:

  • Work towards their KiwiSport Leader Award
  • Participate in leadership development sessions through WILSS
  • Link with practical leadership opportunities including in school and after-school sessions, holiday programmes and community events
  • Obtain valuable work experience, enhance their CVs and increase their own knowledge and skills
  • Meet and connect with other young people who are exercising their leadership skills and making a positive difference in their communities



It was cool to meet up with other people who are also full-on into sport. Good to know that some of us will probably go on to be coaches..."

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