Excellent leaders are vital and nowhere more so than in schools and community groups, where leaders are often faced with a volunteer ‘work force’ and limited resources.


Volunteer Development

These programmes aim to improve the resilience and robustness of organisations by developing the capabilities of the people who are leading, supporting and volunteering within them.

Workshops provide up-skilling and assist volunteers who may need basic training in administration, team management and people and organisational management.

Modules include funding and sponsorship, leadership and delegation, organisational planning, governance, event management, and more. Participants will develop a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of volunteers in community groups.

A range of tools and templates help volunteers manage the process of running organisations more efficiently. This programme can be customised to suit the needs of specific organisations.

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Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you should not be professional. This course was extremely helpful to me personally, and to our organisation."

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