Excellent leaders are vital and nowhere more so than in schools and community groups, where leaders are often faced with a volunteer 'work force' and limited resources.


Thriving on a Shoestring

This programme teaches people practical ways to cut costs and simplify life while still growing healthy families.

It introduces the concepts of reusing and repairing rather than buying more. Sessions include healthy living, reading food labels and producing tasty healthy meals, growing veggies, budgeting, communication skills, parenting and basic house and car maintenance options.

Contact Stacey Walker (Community Programmes Coordinator) today to find out more about this programme!

Ph: 027 699 8067  Email:

Thriving on a Shoestring covered a whole range of subjects and went into depth, which I enjoyed. Life is becoming more of a struggle and what I have learnt will really help to reduce that. I have learnt lots of..."

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