Excellent leaders are vital and nowhere more so than in schools and community groups, where leaders are often faced with a volunteer 'work force' and limited resources.


Parents Supporting Play (PSP)

Parents Supporting Play (PSP) provides parents with the knowledge and confidence to support their children through play.

Skills like time management, communication, planning and goal setting can be transferred from the home to the playground, enabling parents to take a leading role in their child’s physical development and learning.

Parents will learn:

  • to identify stages of growth and development in children
  • to identify personalities and the impact on physical participation
  • how to gain confidence and take an active role in a child’s physical development
  • to implement appropriate physical activities to support and stimulate children through play
  • the distinct differences in male and female play
  • how the identified age and stage may affect a child’s participation in physical activity
  • to consider the various needs and unique perspectives of individual children

Sessions are run in conjunction with schools, early childhood centres, kindergartens or other organisations that assist parents and children.

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I really enjoyed the Parents Supporting Play course and came away with a much better understanding about how to teach my son some good skills while having fun..."

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