Excellent leaders are vital and nowhere more so than in schools and community groups, where leaders are often faced with a volunteer 'work force' and limited resources.


Parenting Fuel Up

This programme supports and encourages parents and caregivers to engage confidently and positively with their children in this fast growing world.

Parenting is fun and with these sessions parents and caregivers will gain practical parenting skills in a positive and supportive environment.  Parents are given the tools to make their own plans and goals to suit their whanu/families.

Parents will learn:

  • to identify 'ages & stages' of growth and development in children 
  • to use practical strategies to develop children's physical development
  • how to gain confidence and take an active role in your child’s development
  • to implement practical activities to support and stimulate children through play
  • the differences in male and female play
  • to adapt to the various needs and unique perspective of your children

Sessions are run in conjunction with schools, early childhood centers, kindergartens or other organization that assist parents and children.

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The Holiday Programme/Leadership Training workshop reinforced concepts I was already familiar with but also gave me more confidence to..."

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