"The Amazing Race was beneficial to our students as it contributed to their progress towards leadership by learning delegation skills, co-operative skills and positive feedback skills ."
Staff member, participating school

"I have learnt a whole lot of new skills and it has helped increase my confidence too. It gave me some insight into my learning styles and taught me how to improve the way I communicate with others. This programme has really taught me the importance of time management in my day to day life."

"Thank you so much for the great leadership course you ran this year with our David Street School Leaders. It fits perfectly with our mission statement of 'Together we will empower ourselves for life long learning'. The skills and ideas introduced to the children were at their level and they felt 'inspired'. They talked about it for weeks after the course and many of the parents have told me how much the children enjoyed it. They have taken the leadership skills back to class where many have taught their class games, and have taken part in planning and running a sporting event for local schools."

"What amazing speakers: their stories were all so different but showed us leadership in different places can be so the same!" "Different is special - that's what Jeremy Mayall shared with us, I like that about leadership!"
Students from Hauraki Plains College WYLD DAY

“Headz up was a perfect start to the year ahead as a senior student leader. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome day, I know I personally took a lot from it. Best of luck to all the future leaders! It’s a bit like out with the old and in with the new...I don’t really want to leave but at the same time am really excited as to where I may lead next!”

Peter, Student HEADZ UP

“Thriving on a Shoestring covered a whole range of subjects and went into depth, which I enjoyed. Life is becoming more of a struggle and what I have learnt will really help to reduce that.” “I have learnt lots of new skills and have built up my confidence.” “The car maintenance module provided me with excellent information. It will definitely help me save on basic car maintenance and running costs.” “If I put what I learnt in the budgeting session into practice, my life will certainly be a lot easier.”

"Kegan was a little apprehensive about joining Live Large but after attending, found it was great. He had been attending holiday programme which (although enjoyable) were getting babyish for him. Learning about the history of the Waikato, bird-watching on the Thames coast and other activities brought him out of himself and provided him with a really positive environment that had recently been missing in his life. Kegan was also able to make new friends within the group. I thank you for your programme and all the benefits that it gives our young people."
Ngaire Gosnell, GRANDMOTHER

"The Holiday Programme/Leadership Training workshop reinforced concepts I was already familiar with but also gave me more confidence to lead a holiday programme I had not previously been involved in. It was fun to learn a range of games and interactive activities that I could put into practice both at the holiday programme and at school."

"The sport coaching course significantly increased my confidence in my coaching abilities. The wide range of topics covered made me much more aware of the needs and requirements of the athletes I coach. The diverse range of sports represented also allowed me to become conscious of coaching similarities and differences with other codes. I now understand better why techniques work, can enhance them to produce even better results and produce excellent planning ideas to meet both short-term coaching sessions and long-term goals."
Debbie Knowles, COACH

Sharnae Herod - Whistle Up & Waikato Academy for Young Achievers participant.

"We have seen Sharnae come a long way this year within herself and in all her sporting teams. The confidence, passion, leadership and maturity she has gained this year has been phenomenal. We believe this has been with help from the Whistle Up and Waikato Academy for Young Achievers programmes. From being such a shy, quiet player a few years ago to this season taking a leadership role and successfully Captaining the Waikato U15 Hockey Team.  We would recommend these programmes to any up-and-coming leader and athlete."
Kim, MUM

"The Sports Administration course was a great opportunity to meet with administrators from other sports codes, find out how other sports organizations work, and gain ideas to improve the administration systems in my own organizations. Particularly useful was learning how to write sponsorship proposals, prepare financial statements and get familiar with some of the legislative requirements that impact on voluntary organizations. After being involved in teaching adults, it was really nice to be on the learning end and I have since enrolled in further tertiary study."

"As the secretary of our club I found the National Certificate in Sports and Administration an excellent way to undertake professional development. The wealth of knowledge I gained from the course is a taonga/treasure: it will help to promote and extend our club in the future. Everyone in our class helped one another achieve our goals. We had lots of laughs, exchanged lots of ideas and made friends for life.The teachers were excellent and always there to help and I thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of the different programmes. No Reira tena Koutou Katoa."

"I found the Smart Coach course to be very informative and helpful, partly because it reiterated to me that I am generally on the right track when coaching my teams. Knowing that my coaching style was ‘up with the play’ was a great confidence booster. The course also gave me some good ideas on team management and ways of dealing with behavioral issues. I also learned some new game activities that I will use for teambuilding and practices."
Catherine McLean, COACH

"The Academy was beneficial to me not only as an athlete but as a person. My favorite sessions were nutrition and mental toughness as they were very relevant to my sport. I have been able to absorb the information then adapt and use it to improve my game, like eating the right foods to provide the right energy levels to sustain my performance. Great facilitators shared how to plan your year to include time for family, friends, sport and education, ensuring you have a healthy balance."
Emily Perry, GOLFER

"WILSS programme provide participants with ways to learn a wide range of skills that can be applied to a number of organizational aspects, from staffing issues to refocusing and restructuring. The programme I attended gave me the chance to take a close look at how I do things, and how I could change to be more effective, both within my organization and on a personal level. It was also fantastic to meet new people who are working and volunteering in the same sector as I am."
Richard Battersby, Project Energize, SPORT WAIKATO

"Walking into a room facing a group of people that I didn’t know and a programme that I was unsure of was a huge challenge for me. However after completing the Striding Forward course - and encouraged by support from others on the programme - I enrolled in a Social Science degree in Counseling and am now in my second year. I am excited about the future, not only for myself but for my wider family. If you had told me three years ago where I would be now I would have laughed - but now there is no going back!"

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