Admission & Fees

Important dates

New Zealand Certificate Programmes

February Intake

  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4)

Start dates will be advertised in September.


February & July Intakes

  • New Zealand Certificate in Sport Coaching (Level 3)

Start dates will be advertised in September

Application to enrol forms will be available from September onwards


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Applications Close

  • New Zealand Certificate courses: one week prior to start date
  • Short courses: 10 days prior to course commencement

Late applications

  • NZ Certificate courses: late applications will be accepted at the discretion of WILSS
  • Short courses: late applications may be accepted at the discretion of WILSS

Admission documentation

Full time courses: applicants need to submit proof of legal name and citizenship or permanent residency with admission forms.

Proof required may comprise of a copy of:

  • birth certificate, or
  • passport, or
  • a marriage certificate (if you are using your married name) or
  • NSI number.

- Short courses: no admission documentation is required.

Cancellation of courses

Courses may be canceled at the discretion of WILSS or if there are insufficient enrollments by the closing date. Please refer to WILSS' Refund Policy.

Qualifying for admission

Information relating to entry criteria is specified in each course information section in this document.

Participants not meeting the specific entry criteria - but who believe they have equivalent skills and knowledge - are invited to submit documentation that substantiates their expertise for assessment through the principles of Recognition of Current Competency (RCC), as specified by NZQA.


Students are required to pay fees on acceptance into a WILSS programme. In special circumstances and at the discretion of WILSS, payment by installments will be considered.

All students enrolled on New Zealand Certificate programmes are required to pay a $150 (plus GST) non-refundable administration fee.

WILSS will send you an invoice detailing your tuition fees and any course-related costs.

Upon successful admission into a programmer each student will receive a Participant Handbook that will document information relating to the fees involved in that particular programmer.

Fee information will include:

  • Tuition and,administration costs;
  • Certificate;
  • Academic Reporting;
  • Administration fee;
  • course materials, equipment, books and/or other items provided to the participant.


  • all travel costs are the responsibility of the learner;
  • any assessment costs undertaken outside of the programme are the learners responsibility;
  • any extra tuition costs are the responsibility of the learner.

NOTE: The Qualifications Authority and Ministry of Education require that all Private Training Establishments hold Fee Protection Insurance as part of registration criteria in the unlikely event of insolvency and/or  regulatory closure or withdrawal of accreditation, or fees that are held in a trust account and disbursed to the organization upon the reporting of credits to NZQA. WILSS has a trust account for the  purpose of fee collection and holding, upon credit reporting.

Withdrawal and refund policy and procedures

Any participant wishing to withdraw from a programme or course must inform the Sport Programmes Manager of WILSS in writing. The date for withdrawal will be recorded as the date of first notification.

Refunds will be calculated  automatically upon receipt of written notification of withdrawal. Any unused course resources previously distributed to the participant should accompany all written withdrawals. Used course resources will be charged to the participant.


Refunds - less an administration fee of 10% of the course fee - will be provided to those participants who give notice, in writing to the Sport Programmers Manager of WILSS within seven days of the start of the course, and who return all course resources unused to WILSS.

Where notice is given more than seven days after course commencement - or where course resources returned are not reusable - the proportion of fees refunded will be the balance of the fees not already spent, and/or not recoverable by WILSS ie. administration costs, resource costs, etc.

If WILSS cancels a course before it runs, a full refund will be made within 14 days of the cancelation. Refunds will not be provided for used materials, equipment and books purchased by the participant, in addition to the course resources.

Student loans

Study Link manages student loans and allowances. Students who intend to pay fees by student loan must apply directly to Study Link, preferably at least six weeks before fees are due.

Application forms or information are available by calling the Study Link free phone on 0800 889 900.

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